Dungeons and Data Puzzle Series I: Round 1 — Solved

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Summary of the rewards:

  • First person to solve — 300 XP = 300 USDT
  • 10 lucky solvers will be randomly selected from all Puzzle Paladins who submitted correct solution — 50 XP each = 50 USDT

Read more about the DND and XP/rewards system for the competition here: https://www.covalenthq.com/blog/dandd-launch-post/

Summary of Puzzle Paladin Round I

Final answer: nonce@Crypt0mata - first solver10 randomly selected solvers:
Puzzle Paladin prelim question best answer:

Puzzle Paladin Round I involves two steps. First step is for the Puzzle Paladins to answer one of the following three questions given by the Dungeon_Master:

  • How did you first learn about the cryptocurrency and what was your first impression?
  • What thing about cryptocurrency amuses you most?
  • What issue does crypto have at this moment?

50 XP/USDT was rewarded to @HuyHoang(Telegram) for giving the best answer to the question How did you first learn about cryptocurrency and what was your first impression?

Second step involves answering series of mini-puzzles in Covalent_Official_Bot. Puzzle Paladins first need to interact with the bot using the command /quiz to receive the sequence of puzzles.

The Puzzle

According to Coingecko, BTC ATH occurred on December 16, 2017. Googling government program which existence was revealed December 16 2017 , we can see that the answer is Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP.

Submitting this through the bot will give us

The hint 16 tells us that the series of numbers and letters is in hexadecimal form. We can use an online hex to ascii decoder for this. Doing so will give us the decoded text , This DeFi platform has the highest TVL among derivatives platforms . Using DefiPulse, we can see that the answer is Synthetix. Submit this and we get

Upon investigating the address on Etherscan, we can see that there is an NFT token from RARIBLE with token ID 49850.

This gives us the idea to search for the token on Rarible using the ETH address. This leads us to

The first thing we can notice is the code 46 45 56 27 46 . Unfortunately, it’s not hex so we further investigate. Searching what a Nihilist is and its relation to codes gives us Nihilist cipher. We can then use an online Nihilist cipher decoder such as Cryptii.

Oops! We need a key. Examining for more clues in the NFT, we can notice the word candlekeep which is blended in the NFT image and is almost hidden.

Using the 46 45 56 27 46 as the cipher and candlekeep as the key gives us the final answer: nonce.

Submitting this to the bot concludes the end of Puzzle Paladin Round I.



Also, congrats to all the solvers!

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