Dungeons and Data Puzzle Series I: Round 3— Solved

Zoren Lorenzana
4 min readMay 11, 2021
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Covalent launched its first ‘Dungeons and Data’, a crypto-data competition with over $25,000 rewards for all the competitions last October 2020. One of the competitions is a 7-round puzzle series which is aimed for the Puzzle Paladins to solve!

Summary of the rewards:

  • First person to solve — 300 XP = 300 USDT
  • 10 lucky solvers will be randomly selected from all Puzzle Paladins who submitted correct solution — 50 XP each = 50 USDT

Read more about the DND and XP/rewards system for the competition here: https://www.covalenthq.com/blog/dandd-launch-post/

Summary of Puzzle Paladin Round III

Duration: October 27, 2020 1:00pm-5:00pm UTC (3 hours)

Final answer: northfield/parkside/grand river hospital@crypt0mata- first solver10 randomly selected solvers:@Minimooger
Puzzle Paladin prelim question best answer:

Puzzle Paladin Round III involves two steps. First step is for the Puzzle Paladins to answer one of the following three questions given by the Dungeon_Master:

  • In your opinion, how exactly will blockchain data science evolve in the next 3–5 years?
  • In your own words, how is the data science different from statistics?

50 XP/USDT was rewarded to @tungpham253(Telegram) for giving the best answer to the question In your opinion, how exactly will blockchain data science evolve in the next 3–5 years?

Second step involves answering series of mini-puzzles in Covalent_Official_Bot. Puzzle Paladins first need to interact with the bot using the command /quiz to receive the sequence of puzzles.

The Puzzle

The first puzzle started with a very straightforward hint

Dungeon Master is the one making these puzzles with username @cov_dand. We then investigate their profile and we see this.

Profile Picture of Dungeon Master

Let’s submit scala to go to next step.

There is a hidden link around the Covalent Dungeons and Data Website on the Master Artists Submission page. On first glance, one would presume nothing’s hidden in the page but upon further investigation, we’ll see that the “CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT” link redirects to a spreadsheet of Uniswap data.

Scouring the data, we will see that around the BURN Column, there is a strange data in hexadecimal form which seems to be decodable. (sorry, the website contents changed and I can’t find the spreadsheet anymore :( )

Using a hex to text decoder online, the code 636f6e76657267656e6365 translates to convergence.

We proceed to the next step.

Set A: North Bound
Set B: South Bound

This is the final step for this round and the Puzzle Paladins were given two different sets. This is to avoid collaboration and make it more exciting.

The “thin Ethereum co-founder” hint loled most of us as we already know this refers to Vitalik Buterin. Looking at some info about Vitalik, we will see that he attended Waterloo University. Let’s follow the hints. The bot is asking us for a lightrail station name, so we have to find a light rail map from that centers around University of Waterloo.

Light rail map of Waterloo

Using the map, those who received the North bound puzzle should leave at 2nd station north bound from the University. Thus,

University of Waterloo >>>R&T Park>>>Northfield/Parkside

Again using the map, those who received the South bound puzzle should leave at the 3rd station south bound. So we’ll have,

University of Waterloo>>>Seagram Drive>>>Uptown Waterloo>>>Grand River Hospital

Submitting the final answers to the bot with the respective sets ends Puzzle Paladin Round 3.



A big thanks to Covalent and Dungeon Master for making these puzzles! Round 3 was interestingly fun as it further introduced us to the puzzle maker, partnership with Uniswap and again, some trivia about our beloved thin co-founder.

Also, congrats to all the solvers!

About Covalent

Covalent leverages big-data technologies to create meaning from hundreds of billions of data points, delivering actionable insights to investors and allowing developers to allocate resources to higher-utility goals within their organization. Instead of pain-stakingly sourcing data from a small handful of chains, Covalent aggregates information from across dozens of sources including nodes, chains and data feeds. The Covalent API then sources end users with individualized data by wallet, including current and historical investment performance across all types of digital assets. Most importantly, Covalent returns this data in a rapid and consistent manner, incorporating all relevant data within one API interface.

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