Dungeons and Data Puzzle Series I: Round 4— Solved

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  • First person to solve — 300 XP = 300 USDT
  • 10 lucky solvers will be randomly selected from all Puzzle Paladins who submitted correct solution — 50 XP each = 50 USDT

Summary of Puzzle Paladin Round IV

Final answer: beholder / abishai@Minimooger- first solver10 randomly selected solvers:@Crypt0mata
Puzzle Paladin prelim question best answers:
  • Tell us a creepy story (must be original!)
  • What was the creepiest thing that ever happened to you?
  • Who is the scariest person in crypto — and why?

The Puzzle (Halloween Special)

Set A: Russian
Set B: Spanish
Set C: Turkish

Translations and answers

Set A: Russian
This demon is found in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, as well as in Stranger Things. Answer in Russian.
Demogorgon — Scary rafflesia?
Set B: Spanish
This vampire monster is native to America. Its name reportedly refers to a certain domesticated animal on which it feeds. Answer in Spanish.
From google
Set C: Turkish
This European mythical creature is indigenous to the islands and is associated with the color YELLOW and GREEN. Please reply in Turkish
Leprechaun and his gold
Crossword Halloween puzzle
Set A: Kikimora
Set B: Stryga


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