Dungeons and Data Puzzle Series I: Round 5— Solved

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  • First person to solve — 300 XP = 300 USDT
  • 10 lucky solvers will be randomly selected from all Puzzle Paladins who submitted correct solution — 50 XP each = 50 USDT

Summary of Puzzle Paladin Round V

Final answer: constituents / adumbrate@Minimooger- first solver10 randomly selected solvers:@Crypt0mata
Puzzle Paladin prelim question best answers:
  • Which project would you like to see among Covalent ecosystem partners and why?

The Puzzle

Set A
Set B
Early backers of Covalent
Set A: Pizza
Set B: Ramen
Set C: Chicken

Set A — Pizza

Set B — Ramen

Final Step

Set A: Chronos
Set B: Tartarus
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