wow, such dogeword Crossword Puzzle — Solved

Hi! This is a write-up on the Dogeword Puzzle. The puzzle has already been solved and all credit goes to the solver!


Announcement Date: June 5, 2020
Prize: 502 DOGE

Address: DKUPXfLz3bpsN2TEzWnkFGqJjPaDnCwbEU
Private key: 6KHPGhzvSHJC3eYmE2LFXprivbLmPTzuhLBvHv5fVgFNK8wTbj4
~Solved by unknown (June 6, 2020)


The crossword puzzle was posted on Reddit. The post is deleted by Reddit now so there’s no link to the post in Reddit but the PDF is available here:

Solve the crossword and fill in the missing characters in the private key!

Inside The Puzzle

Points of Interests:
1. The caret(^) and underscore (_) symbols on the PK.
2. There are 19 missing characters in the PK.
3. There are 19 gray-shaded squares in the crossword.

The ^ and _ can mean upper-case and lower-case of the PK, respectively. Also, it is clear that the 19 gray-shaded squares are the missing characters of the private key.

The Crossword

Because the one who solved this was unknown, here is what we have so far.

Edit: 31 Down — PICOIN

Feel free to comment if some are wrong or if you know the answer to the following.

1 Redistribution feature of some Larimer blockchains
2 Biblical money amount
21 Who else?
25 Eth. propsl.
49 Manufacturer of 42-across
52 Fan of a certain Javascript powered blockchain
54 Figure skating jump
56 Doge and Banano
57 “Did you get some Bitcoin?”
58 Blockchain named after life preserver

3 New-age name
4 Standard text-speak
5 Main, test, and dev
40 Ingredient in some 34-down
44 Exit ___
50 Chopping tool
51 Early Ethereum competitor from 2015


The solution was not known to public, but the tokens have already been swept last June 6. It could be that a puzzle hunter swept it or the owner retrieved it.

Either way, we used the order from the crossword itself horizontally and the ^(uppercase) and _(lowercase) to fill in the missing letters.

Here are the letters in gray boxes

Then we placed the letters into the missing parts of the PK using the ^ and _ hints. Here is what we got…


The 19th missing letter of the PK is not known so we manually input the onw of the lowercase a-z of the alphabet.

Private key: 6KHPGhzvSHJC3eYmE2LFXprivbLmPTzuhLBvHv5fVgFNK8wTbj4



Thank you to DKUPXfLz3bpsN2TEzWnkFGqJjPaDnCwbEU for this fun crossword and crypto puzzle!
Also, congrats to DLoGHLBi1Jy7vxtJrUoci8ZsAdAgrXTCbP in solving this puzzle.

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